Blurb Social: Editor’s note: If you’re a fan of Arrested...

  1. Editor’s note: If you’re a fan of Arrested Development, by now you’re in 2 camps- 1) You love the show and you’re sick of reading endless articles and reviews about the show and all of the hype is starting to kind of make you hate the show and everyone involved. Also you think the new episodes kind of blow. 2) You love the show and you can’t. get. enough. of. the. hype. even. if. it. makes. you. talk. like. this.

    This interview is intended for Group #2.

    And Now- A Touching Interview with The Real Steve Holt (STEVE HOLT!)

    What happens when an agency hires a copywriter by the name of Steve Holt just as the much-hyped, new episodes of Arrested Development premiere? Pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Full, unfettered exploitation.

    Steve Holt is your real name. Obviously. It’s Stephen Holt.

    My full name is Stephen Roberts Holt.

    Do you watch the show?

    I do. I was given the first season as a birthday present from a very good friend of mine, which I watched, and I have kept up with it sporadically. It’s kind of, you know, it’s playing that balancing act between being the guy whose name is just in the show and who actually really loves it.

    Did your friend tell you about the show because your name is in the show. As in “you need to watch the show?”

    He was like “Your name’s in it. It’s fantastic. You have to watch it.”

    How often does it come up? Especially now, considering the show’s coming back.

    At least once a week, at least. Yeah. And I probably get the double-fist pump STEVE HOLT! three to five times a week now.

    Just for the last couple of weeks or years?

    Oh, years. It’s been happening for years.

    So, this is just a part of your life now.

    It is. It’s a small blip but day-in, day-out, yes.

    It’s a unique thing too because his name IS the joke. There’s nobody else who has experienced something like this in quite this way, or very few.

    I know. It’s crazy. My name is a joke.

    Has this show ruined your life?

    No! The show has brought me much joy. I like the show, it’s fun to watch- I’m not a diehard fan but people really are, they’re so into it. They see my name, my credit card and they just go, “Nooooo. No way.” And their eyes light up. And I say, yes, it’s my name and then they just go right into the double fist pump.

    I guess in a weird tiny way, you’re bringing joy to someone’s day. That’s good. But it’s still weird.

    Yeah, I mean no one’s ever said, “Your name is Steve Holt?” and just shook their head. “No good.”

    Do you use Facebook?

    I use Facebook, yeah.

    Does it happen every time you comment on anything? Do people comment back your own name back to you? I mean, we did it. VIA did it.

    You did do it, yes.

    I mean, how can you resist? How can you not do that?

    I do get a LOT of friend requests. And you can add a message and in that message, the people will just say STEVE HOLT! in the message.

    Perfect strangers?

    Yup. Strangers. That happens a lot. [Steve Holt has, in case you’re wondering, 1200 Facebook Friends- ed note]

    So, this past week has probably been crazy, with all the hype for the show.


    And next week will probably be crazy too.


    And then after, your life is basically ruined.

    Pretty much! If anyone needs me, I’ll just be wandering the side of the road in Portland, with a long beard, into the horizon.

    Seriously though, it’s nice that it’s a positive thing. That’s good. I’m glad you’re not tormented by it- that would be terrible.

    Definitely not tormented, no. And now that we’re talking about this, it occurs to me- it makes me think, “I’m a junior. Steve Holt Jr.”

    Oh! Right!

    I mean, I wonder if my father gets this too. We’ve never talked about it.

    So there’s a Steve Holt Sr.

    There is, yeah. He’s an architect.

    People are probably a little more respectful of your father, I would think. I would hope. Like, they’re not screaming into his face at the office. Like us.

    It’d be great if they did though. I can just see him like, “Today is really weird. What’s going on with everyone?”

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